Formium workflows allow you to automatically trigger tasks and processes in response to form submissions, schema updates, and deletions.

Common use cases of workflows include:

  • Posting submission data to Slack
  • Sending an email thank you note
  • Triggering Zapier Zap
  • Redeploying/rebuilding a website

Formium includes common workflows out of the box while also allowing you to create custom webhooks to suit your needs. We also have a Zapier integration which allows you to further extend Formium using over 2000+ apps and integrations.

Creating a workflow

Workflows can only be created by a project admin.

  1. Navigate to your forms's Workflows tab

  2. Click Create Workflow and select the type of workflow you would like to create.

    Workflow create button
  3. Enter the the workflow details. For more information about workflow configuration, check out our email workflow, Slack, and webhook workflow documentation.

  4. Click Create

Deleting a Workflow

Workflows can only be deleted by a project admin.

  1. Navigate to the workflow's detail page.

  2. Click the delete icon.

    Delete workflow
  3. Confirm by clicking Delete again.

    Delete workflow modal

Testing Workflows

After creating an workflow, Formium allows to test the workflow to ensure it is configured properly. Follow the steps below to test your workflow.

  1. Navigate to the Workflows tab of your form.

  2. Click the workflow you want to test.

    Manage workflow page
  3. In the upper righthand corner, click Test Action.

    Workflow test button
  4. Optionally modify the submission data and click Test Now.

    Workflow test modal

Adding a Workflow

Each workflow can be used across any forms in the project. Adding an existing workflow to a form allows you to trigger the workflow based on events from the current form.

  1. Navigate to your form's Workflows tab.

  2. Click the plus icon for the action you would like to add.

    Action add button

Removing a Workflow

Removing an workflow allows you to stop triggering it for the form without deleting it entirely.

  1. Navigate to your forms's Workflows tab.

  2. Click the minus icon for the action you would like to remove.

    Workflow remove button
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