Triggering Workflows

After a submission has been received, or you update your form, Formium offers several configurable workflows that allow you to send emails, message a Slack channel, or trigger a custom webhook.

Send an email

Send a notification email to yourself or a thank you note to the submitter. For more details, check out our email documentation.

Send a message to Slack

Post a formatted message of submission data to the Slack channel of your choice. For more details, check out our Slack documentation.

Trigger a custom webhook

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks which can be used to send data to other applications when an event occurs. Formium allows you to create custom webhooks that send data to any URL in response to:

  • A new submission is receieved by your form.
  • Your form is updated in the dashboard
  • Your form is deleted in the dashboard

To learn more, visit the webhook documentation.

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