Formium CLI

This is an experimental command line interface for Formium. Its goal is to streamline development and deployment of sites using frameworks without static build steps / data fetching baked-in (i.e. you are not using Gatsby or Next.js).


npm install --global @formium/cli

On your local machine

When working on your local machine, you'll want to login.

formium login

This will prompt you to generate a personal access token for the CLI. You can do this in your Formium account settings:

On CI/CD Services

If you want to use the CLI in a non-interactive shell such as a Continuous Integration / Delivery service (e.g. CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, etc.). You should generate an access token and store it as a secure environment variable. You can then pass the token to any command below by appending --token=XXXX where XXX will be the name of the environment variable you created.


formium login

Login to your Formium account. This requires creating a personal access token to your account (

formium logout

Log out of your account. This will permanently destroy your access token. You will need to use new one in the future.

Link a folder to a Formium project. This command will create .formium folder in the directory in which you run it in, generate Formium configuration files there, and add the entire folder to your .gitignore file. The contents of the .formium folder may change at anytime going forward.

formium forms pull

Downloads all forms (just their schemas, not submissions) into .formium directory as JSON. This command is a work-in-progress. In the future, the goal is to couple this with client-side runtime helpers to access the data (kind of like Amplify does) in a way that is friendlier and ideally tree-shakeable.


$ formium <command> [options]
Available Commands
login Login to a Formium account
link Link a directory to a Formium project
logout Logout of Formium
forms pull Pull latest forms from a project
For more info, run any command with the `--help` flag
$ formium login --help
$ formium link --help
-t, --token Access Token
-p, --project Project slug
-v, --version Displays current version
-h, --help Displays this message
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