In Formium you collect your forms under the umbrella of a project. A project can have any number of forms and users. Each project is associated with a single billing account which all activity within the project is billed to.

Example project

An example of how you might think about Projects is that if you were creating a website for a client, The Palmer Group, you might create a Formium project titled Palmer. In that project you could have two forms, Contact Us and Newsletter Signup. You could add other members of your development team as admins to your project and add the client as a member. Note that these forms do not need to live on the same website.

Creating a project

  1. Click the project dropdown in the dashboard navigation and select Create a New Project.

    Project dropdown
  2. Enter a project name and select a plan. For more details on plan features, visit the pricing page.

  3. If you selected a paid plan, enter your payment information.

  4. Click Create

After creating a project, you are automatically assigned an admin role in the project.

Deleting a project

Project's can only be deleted by a project admin.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the project Settings tab.

  2. Click Delete Project.

    Delete project
  3. Enter the project name and click Delete.

    Delete Project modal

Project Settings

Each Formium project has several properties that you can configure. Below is a description of each property and any considerations you should take when updating your project settings. All project settings can be updated from your project's Settings tab.

Project name

Your projects's name is used to help you quickly find each project. Choose a name that is human readable and easily recognizable.

Note: Changing a project name will not change your submission endpoints.

Project slug

Your projects's slug is used to uniquely identify your project is used as part of your submission endpoint.

Changing a project slug will change your CLI configuration.

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