Send a "Thank You" Email with Formium

This guide will assist you with setting up automated thank you notes to submitters.

Step 1: Form Setup

In order to send a thank you email to the person who filled out your form, make sure that you have at least one form field that asks for their email.

Step 2: Create and Customize an Email Workflow

Create an email workflow and use the field key of the email in your workflow’s Email Addresses.

  • For example, if you have an email field with a key of workEmail, you can send an email to that addresses by adding {{values.workEmail}} under Email Addresses.
  • You can also receive a copy of each thank you note by adding your own email address.

Customize the email by setting the Content Format to Rich Text composing a thank you message. You can reference any field’s value by its key using mustache templating. For example, if you had a field with a key of name you can use it in your email like so:

Hi {{}},
Thanks for reaching out to me!
I usually respond to messages within 24 hours so expect a reply from me soon.

You can also select Raw HTML as a Content Format.

Step 3: Test your workflow

Save the workflow, and send a test email to yourself. All set!

Written by
Jared Palmer

Last Edited on September 17, 2020

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