Send Email From Your Gmail Account on Formium

This guide will assist you with connecting Formium Email Workflow to Gmail's SMTP Server, allowing you to send emails through your address.

Step 1: Create an App Password with Google

Follow Google’s steps to create an App Password. App Passwords are used to grant applications access to your account without the risk of exposing your actual password. Treat them securely.

Though we strongly reccommend using an App Password, you can authenticate with Gmail using your plain text password. Please consider this as a last resort option.

Step 2: Create a Mail Server in Formium

In your Email Workflow, expand the Custom Mail Server Options section. Click on Create New to open the Create Mail Server modal.

  1. Name your Mail Server, for example Secure Gmail SMTP
  2. Select Gmail as the Provider
  3. For username, enter your gmail account, for example
  4. Enter the App Password you generated in Step 1. It should look something like vpxz yxez rdbn fvjf

Step 3: Test your Workflow

That’s it! Save your Email Workflow and send a test email to yourself.

Written by
Jared Palmer

Last Edited on September 16, 2020

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